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Digestion & Inflamation

Been talking 2 a day for several months and it has helped with my digestive problems and inflammation in my body. Great supplement and now I’m losing weight!

- Donna

Arthritis Relief

I have been taking the supplement for a few weeks. I only take 1 each day and the arthritis in my back is very much under control! I am SO glad that I purchased it! I'll be ordering again! I was taking so many separate supplements and it's nice to have all of them in one pill.

- Samantha

Lower Back Pain

I started taking Essential Core Nutrition Turmeric about 10 days ago. A friend told me that it helped with stomach problems and it helped with mine! Most importantly, it seems to have substantially reduced my lower back pain as I must have had some inflammation due to lifting. Just ordered 2 more bottles and hoping for increased strength and to get back to daily workouts!

- Brian

Muscular Pain

I really liked using these supplements to help with sore muscles after workouts. I've noticed a significant decrease in pain after my Barre and Orange Theory classes. I really like that they have the Bioperine for the enhanced bioavailability. I learned a lot about that recently. 

- Rachel